Advanced Nutra is a world leader in the supply of superior quality botanical powders and herbal extracts for nutritional supplement, functional food, OTC and personal care markets.  In the early 1980s, the scientists and engineers at Advanced Nutra developed a unique extraction process that not only standardizes the marker compound, but also extracts herbal active components in a natural ratio using only water as a solvent.

Our goal is to provide our customers with exceptional service, and offer the best possible price.  Your timely production is important to us.  Because Advanced Nutra has exclusive relationships with growers around the world, we are able to deliver the best products, best prices and faster lead times.  Our experience keeps our customers happy so they in turn can do the same for theirs. 

   Advanced Nutra Offers  . . . 

 . . .  over 4,000 raw materials from around the world.

 . . .  the highest industry capacity for large production, and the ability
to process smaller, customized materials as well.

 . . .  the ability to manufacture materials to meet current product specifications.

      . . .  a Research & Development department which can help our
              customers create custom formulations for finished products.

 . . .  locations around the world to better serve our customers.




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